oh weekends……

I guess we had a bit of an interesting weekend.   I had some of the most productive and meaningful talks of my life with some people I love a lot.  We’ll see how it transpires, but I’m hoping nothing but good will come from it all.  If I say I’m going to change, I’ve got to change.  And change means being more open and talkative about my feelings and emotions.  I’ve got a lot to work on for sure, but this weekend was a real positive step.  Some of you are bound to hear more about it soon and it may just impact you as much as it impacts me.  Could you be one of those lucky people?  Maybe.  Just maybe.

In between all the talks, we managed to squeeze in a trip to Crater Lake.  That was really nice.  It was a beautiful day with just a bit of smoke in the air from the fire in the Umpqua. My mom was super excited to see it.  Tera and I had already been, but I think it was really cool to be back.  Next time though we’re going to have to camp and do some more exploring.  Or maybe go on a boat tour.  Actually, I’m itching to get out of the state for a long weekend.  I should be escaping in a couple weeks with my lady friends if all goes to plan.  And then maybe something for Labor Day?  Anyone want to do anything?  I’ve got no plans as of yet but I’d like to do something neat!  This summer was supposed to be all about camping, and I haven’t quite done as much as I’d like.  The shoulder injury and moving definitely got in the way, but now there are no excuses not to go out and camp.

Well, I’m going to sleep land now.  TTYL.

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