Hey y’all biscuit heads

The house is again quiet.  Ben is off to the UK.  Tera is driving him up to Portland.  And Em….don’t know where she is.  But to have it quiet in here is always a nice thing.  Mum is on her way to Bend as we speak.  She’s going to be staying with me for 6 or so days.  It should be a nice visit.  Luckily it’s cooling down here in Bend (currently:  windy as)  and we won’t stifle my mother with an over heated house.  Plans for her visit?  Not many.  I know this weekend we’re going down to Crater Lake for the day.  It’d be nice to take her to the coast, but it’s a bit of a hike.  Not sure Mum wants to do that, but I wouldn’t mind.

Coldplay concert

Coldplay concert

Everything else is going smoothly.  Just finishing up studying.  After I post this guy I’ll be signing up for the test so I can get it done and start studying for my next test!  The fun ain’t stopping this Fall.

My biking to work is going super well.  I’ve rode 7 out of the last 8 days.  The only day I didn’t ride was so our mechanic at work could fix my ting ting tinging car (piece of metal hanging off my muffler.  No biggie).  It feels great to ride to and from work and it’s a much quicker commute than from the old house.  It’s about 15 minutes going to work and 20 minutes on the way home.  How could I say no to that?

Alright, I’m out.  That’s Coldplay up above there.  We were 10 rows back, center stage at the concert a few weeks ago.  Thanks Jill’s parents for allowing me to join!  Night children.

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