Rain and lightning

I find it amazing after a good hour on the front porch watching the lightning we’re still saying “WOAH!”  Mother Nature still kicks us in the ass with awe.  And I for one am not mad at her for it.  We are in the waning bits of one of the best lightning storms I’ve seen in my lifetime.  I say waning but the show will probably go on for another hour I bet.  It’s great.  Along with it came a bit of rain, but not as much as I would have liked to have seen fall.  Perhaps another storm will roll through tonight and give us some much needed precip after 2 weeks of 90+ degree weather.

As mentioned in a previous post, my camera is on the outs.  The buttons weren’t really responding to being pushed.  Tonight though my trusty digi came out I think for one last horrah, capturing some truly excellent lightning pictures.  For so long I’ve wanted to take those elusive shots and tonight I was finally blessed with them.  A special shout out to my camera for getting its act together (maybe final act) and taking some great pictures.  I will have to locate my cable for my camera real soon here and post some pictures that I have been neglecting to put up for a while.  The lightning ones will be included.

It’s been a good weekend here.  I had the house to myself as my roommates were all camping up in the mountains.  It was refreshing.  Many hours were spent on the front porch reading, studying or just enjoying being alive and able to rest.  I feel pretty centered again.  The evil Colleen has been kicked to the curb once again with the good, angelic Colleen once again in control.  I feel like I’ve been sleeping at the wheel the last 6 months and just woke up.  The future looks good.  I have some goals (mostly career oriented) set up and they will be met within the next 3 months or so if all goes to plan.  Things are on the up and up.

Oh and it’s amazing how quickly the lbs come off when you start being active and stop drinking.  Who knew?  Alright, I’m off to dinner.  I’ve got work in the mornin!  Cheers.

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