what a weekend.  i’m happy i made it through.  the west side of the cascades was a crazy epic journey.  i got to see coldplay at 10th row center.  yes.  that was amazing.  i’ve never been that close at a big concert like that.  i’m so grateful for jill’s parents for having me along.  next up was a midnight journey to seaside with jill for a ultimate tourney.  it wasn’t so much a sporting event as a complete drinking fest.  those ultimate players do enjoy their cheap, shitty beer.  it was fun and just nuts.  late nights all weekend.  that was on top of an already crazy thursday night of mj tribute night dancing.  4 1/2 hours of dancing, no rest except to sip on a beer or use the loo.  ridic.  the mj dance party continued into the weekend as well both friday and saturday night.  

wow.  yeah, so it will probably take a few days to recover from the weekend.  i’m ready for a nice relaxing weekend!  luckily i’ll be staying close to home. we’ll be having a house warming party on saturday and i guess a yard sale on sunday.  woot.  

alright, must be off to bed.  hope to actually upload pictures this week, so stay tuned.  cheers!

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