Hello Volcano

Hello kids.  We’re Davenport free now and residing in the Volcano.  Sorry I never got that last post in at Davenport.  It was a hellacious week and I didn’t have the strength to move ye olde computer back over to D-port and write again.  It was a lot to ask.  So we’re here.  Woot.  It has been crazy, but I’m happy we’re in the new place.  We’ll have some great adventures here.

Yesterday was the 4th and we had an epic time during the Freedom Ride.  Seriously, it was an amazing hour.  Downtown Bend stopped as well over a thousand bikers took to the streets yelling, riding and enjoying the moment.  I can NOT believe I never did it before. I guess in all fairness, I have only been here  2 1/2 4th of Julys since moving here.  Tera and I also went to the pet parade in the morning.  There were tons of dogs and kids and bikes.  It was really cool.  A lot of the dogs were dressed up.  But there weren’t just dogs.  There were also ducks, horses, bunnies and even a guy with a bowl of goldfish on a skateboard.  Well worth the early morning rally.   Yeah, I’ll try to get some pictures up of all that soon. 

I’m mostly unpacked now.  I’ve got about 3 more boxes and no place to put the stuff that’s in them anywhere.  I’ll be needing a dresser or some sort of storage area for everything.  Hopefully we’ll be able to sort that soon. 

Piccadilly is slowly adapting to the new place.  She managed to escape for a few hours a couple days ago, but made it back in time for bed time.  Really she is getting used to the place better than I thought she would.  Obviously she misses her bf Fella and all her other D-port friends, but I hope she can maybe make some new friends here.  

The Wimbledon final today was so great between Roddick and Federer.  I almost feel as though Federer won it by default.  It didn’t seem like he really won.  Roddick was the dominant player from beginning to end for sure.  It was tough to see him get the runner up trophy.  I was happy Roddick fought for so long though.

Any ways, I’m going to go to bed.  We’ve got 6:30 AM Monday morning meetings now.  Woot.  Ok, ttyl.

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