goodbye d-port

this is my last and final post from davenport.  well, that is unless i come over here in the next couple days to use the internets (we won’t have any for a few days at the new place).  so nevermind.  i’ll probably be back again, but i won’t be sleeping here anymore.  neither is piccadilly.  she’s a total mess right now with the move.  currently i have her locked in tera’s room as she keeps trying to escape my room.  there’s no beds for her to hide under here!  tera’s closet is the safest place.  it’s dark, quiet and lots of things to hide behind.  

rickey and emmy are doing a terrific job moving everything.  i’m helping when i can, but my shoulder is feeling pretty weak at the moment so i’ll be done for the rest of the night. 

any ways, scratch that last posting notice, but i will be at my new house now if you need me.  st helens woot!

peace out.

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