Goodbye Michael

mjI am so distraught over Michael Jackson’s death.  It’s kind of strange as I can’t say I care for his newer music and I wasn’t going to see him in concert in London this summer, so there was no immediate affect of it.  But there is something still tragic about it.  A iconic figure of my music taste (and millions of other people) has passed.  No more will be able to see his weirdly covered face.  He was fairly young all things considered, but you have to wonder if the fame and pressure in that roll really in the end took him down.  I would never wish for the life he had to live in the public’s judgmental eye.  Who knows, if I were in his patent leather shoes maybe I would end up the same way he did.  It’s hard to judge on the outside after all there is so little we really know.

But I’m sad.  Really sad.  I’m having a good music tribute night to him playing the hits from the Jackson 5 and solo.  I was thinking about how my niece Nini and I used to build forts in her living room in Indy when we were kids.  Without a doubt you could count on Jackson 5’s greatest hits album being played over and over while we built the fort and played in it for hours.  I love that memory.  

If anyone wants to talk about it, call me tomorrow as I’m going to bed now.  

MJ- from Region Rat to Region Rat, I’ll miss you and may you rest in peace.  I’m lucky to have so much incredible music to remember your life.  Few things make me happier than dancing to your music.  Cheers.

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One thought on “Goodbye Michael

  1. sIRK

    I would call so we could talk about it, but I know you are moving and I’m exhausted from trying to please Storkbite all afternoon. She’s really needy, you should work on that next time you have a Godparent meeting with her. Sheesh.

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