oh hello

I’m not sure if you all remember me, but I’m Colleen, the owner of this here blog.  Yeah, I’ve been away for a little bit, but I’m back today.  It’s been “hectic.” By hectic I mean I have been watching a lot of tennis when I get home from work and pretending to do a little bit of packing here and there.  I’m recovering from a crappy visit to the doctor’s office yesterday and has been having super achey body the last two days, sucking the life out of me.  Woo I have a bone spur.  Next up is a MRI to figure out what’s wrong with the muscles and tendons.  Yeah, I’m stoked on it all pretty hard core.  

Oh and the move.  Well…..it’s progressing.  There’s more ready to go than there was 2 days ago.  Let’s leave it at that.  It doesn’t help that I can’t lift my arm up very high without pain and I can’t lift anything heavy.  I hope to maybe accomplish a little bit tonight and some more tomorrow with the help of Rickey.  

The brewer’s games were amazing.  Mayhem.   I’d say that’s the best word for it.  There were a lot of injuries and a lot of drunkenness.  Luckily for me I really kept my act together all weekend.  My favorite moments include jumping into the ocean, Tim slamming open a door at 3 AM in the house, and Intern doing a beer bong from a safety cone.  What else could anyone want?Way to go Peter  It was a great weekend and I’m happy I got invited to join in on the fun.  I look forward to next years festivities.  Maybe I could compete in something?  Seriously, I really want to do that keg toss and show the ladies that we can hold our own.  The best women’s throw on the day was 14′.  The best men’s throw was 37′.  Whatevs.

Ok, well I’m in the middle of studying for this landscaping test and watching tennis.  I’ll guess I’ll return to it.  If anyone has any suggestions on why I’m suddenly experiencing severe muscle ache, let me know.  Until then I’ll keep thinking I have mono.  Cheers.

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