coming weeks

holy shite.  we’re all going to be running around like we’ve got our heads cut off around here for a couple weeks.  we’ve got a new house to move into!  woot.  it’s nothing to write home about on the outside, but the inside is pretty nice.  hardwood floors.  big common areas and plenty of storage.  it’s way close to downtown.  that sounds funny as it’s probably about 19 blocks from where we are currently.  not very far.  bend is not anything to get fussed about for size for sure.  we’ll be just across the other side of the river.  i haven’t started packing.  the shoulder injury has been a great excuse to delay it all.  i’m thinking next monday i will get started on it.  it’s too much for me to think about right now.  we’ve got the summer brewer games coming up this weekend in pacific city, so i have to focus my attention on that.  priorities people!  i’m super sad not to be able to participate in the keg toss.  i hope next year i’ll be in top form and be able to win the event like i had planned.  

so for dinner i’m going to attempt to make a grilled cheese…..sorry girl cheese.  i am reasonably certain i have never successfully executed the girl cheese.  i’m 27 and have never made one.  what did i do in college?  oh right, pasta and pizza.  i’m betting that it’s not too different from making a great quesadilla, so wish me the best of luck.

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