3rd pint of death

No. I wasn’t considering the pint of death at Deschutes, but sometimes it happens.  It didn’t happen tonight.pint  The two pints was enough.  I’m trying to figure out what it is about drinking at the pub.  I could easily have 4 bottles of Deschutes beer and be good, but two pints (20 oz) will do me in right quick.  And the 3rd…..well that just leads to a hangover for me.  I’m thinking the oxygen level in the pub is lower.  There’s got to be some outside affect there.  

Had a good day.  At work we blew a pop can out of our blower.  And made a poop out of some clay and stuck it in a co-workers truck.  The shoulder felt pretty good as well, until I rode my bike to the brew pub.  It got a bit fussed, but a couple pints helped make it happy. 

Any ways, I wanted to make a small announcement about my writing.  After a year and a half of hard writing everyday, I’m quitting.  I’m tired of doing it everyday.  It’s become more of a chore than anything.  And as of late I feel like I’ve been too busy living life to suck my minutes away with writing nonsense, where ever it may be.  Don’t get me wrong, I will still be writing very very regularly.  I just don’t want the stigma behind it that has recently developed.  So don’t fret friends.  I’m just giving up on the chore of it all.  It might actually lead to more meaningful posts.  Who knows?  

Any who, it’s bed time.  Must be off.  Night friends.

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