arm holiday?

I’m going to blame the swelling on my current shoulder situation.  Actually the lack there of, because it seems as though my arm has decided to try and leave on holiday.  I think the swelling has finally gone down enough to where the mayhem of what’s really going on can start to come out.  For some reason, I don’t think it’s normal to feel as though your arm is going to fall off if you let it rest relaxed by your side.  But mine does.  Hence I’m leaning heavily on the table as i type this, trying to keep my arm propped up while I concentrate on typing.  I’m not working tomorrow and heading straight for PT,but I do believe they will send me to the Dr’s straight away, cause this is too weird.  I’m not sure what to do.  

Any ways, the weather has been crazy pants here.  It hailed yesterday.  2 inches.  Am I repeating myself?  I may be.  Sorry.  Tonight it rained.  And speaking of rain, I’m watching Trouble the Water, the documenary about Hurricane Katrina right now.  It’s really quite good and I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to finish it as I need to go to bed.  I can’t sit here anymore.  My shoulder can’t take it.  

Good night!

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