all alone

as i sit here past my bedtime, i’m thinking about all the weird things i do while i’ve got to the house to myself for extended periods (like now).  all the lights are out, i’ve got kanye blaring through my speakers and i may end up sleeping on the couch.  i don’t get any of that really, but that’s me.  i become a mysterious person by myself, hence i never want to live alone because i’d end up getting noise complaints from the cops and bad eyes way too early.  

i wish i didn’t have to work tomorrow.  i can’t remember if i mentioned on here that i hurt my shoulder disc golfing yesterday (sunday).  like dislocation fun.  luckily, it popped right back in and it felt ok after a while, but today it was in terrible shape.  so i did work but not very hard.  no heavy lifting, no mowing and no edging.  basically, not a landscaper.  so i shall make a call to the dr. and get an opinion on what i should do since the state of my shoulders seems to be degenerating.  woot.  not. 

well, i’ve got laundry to do and some sleeping i should get to.  tomorrow is taco stand tuesday.  see you there.  cheers kids.

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