another one

the motivation for writing within me at this moment is nil.  but here i am.  trudging on.  another exciting day at the rim today.  filled with mowing, raking and weed pulling.  woot.  we’re currently having a party.  my roommate is i guess.  and i was invited indirectly i guess.  i was fading fast earlier and the only thing i could think to do was to slam a beer and wake up.  so i made it another hour.  i guess i should go to bed soon.  can’t wait for friday night and a full night of sleep into saturday. 

i think we may scrounge together a little camping outing saturday night.  any one can join, but you’ll probably have to drive yourself and i have no idea where we are going.  that’s about all that’s happening around these parts.  oh good news.  for me.  i finally unpacked my bag.  my room is almost back to standard condition.   

ok i’m out.  peace friends.

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One thought on “another one

  1. Matt

    unacceptable. you have throngs of people waiting to hear about your trip and all we get is this? if i could go on strike, i would consider it!

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