Eve of travel

Got my bag all packed, my papers sorted and my money in the bank.  London here I come.  I’m happy the lead up to the trip has come.  Very smooth and no real hiccups at all (cept I forgot my wallet today).  This will be one heck of a trip, filled with new faces, old faces and probably some really interesting faces as well.  There’s a real magic about going to a new place and being there all alone.  You can be anyone you want to be.  You have no baggage, no history.  You’re a clean slate to people.  It’s rather exciting.  If you can, you can toss your inhibitions to the wind.  That’s what I want to do on this trip.  I’ve spent so long holding on for dear life and now I realize I can let go.  This trip has got to be that.  So here I am at 8:45 PM, packed.  I say it’s time to crack a bomber of Red Chair and toast to letting go.  Cheers guys!

I hope to check back in real soon, but I fear my interest in the city of London my sway me away from the computer.  Also, I will be blogging on my London page if I do get a chance to put a few words up.  Only makes sense to blog on the London blog while in London.

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