Calm between storms?

I was dubbing this week between trips as the calm between storms.  I don’t think it’s been any more calm than the craziness that has ensued or I am about to ensue.  Work has been a blur all week.  Grinding and grinding along (It was fertilizing AND edging week!  I like to pack it all into one week).  And here we are at Friday already.  It seems like sleep time comes upon me before I know it.  This disc golf and curbsy craze I’ve been going through has filled up my evenings.  I’m not complaining but I feel like I need a moment to catch my breath.  Apparently that will be in London as I see no rest in site before then.  

For the most part I try not show how incredibly obsessed I am with all things London.  As my customers have asked where I am going and what I’m doing, I tell them London and it’s just a fun trip.  But it’s so much more than that.  My mental state would have been shambles had I not been going to London in a couple days.  You just have no idea.  So yeah, I brush off my trip as a nice little getaway, but it’s imperative to my whole life.  I wish it weren’t so.  I wish I could be in Bend happily, but it is not so.  Today I told my co-worker that I was actually in love with the city and it was all I thought about me.  I may as well have said I was in love with magnets.  Cricket city.  Oh well.  What’s a girl to do?  Just keep hoping and praying that she can make her dreams come to life before she gets swept to the afterlife.

There are 4 days till I leave.  Guess I should get to packin.   Hope to get a good update in this weekend with some pictures.  Stay tuned my friends.  Peace love and Pineapples.

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