So close

My trip to Londonland is just around the corner now.  A week from today I will be waking up after my first night’s rest back in LDN.  I can not wait for it to arrive.  My schedule is pretty packed.  Games, pubs, gardens, parks, shows and who knows what else.  Honestly it feels like I’m taking a trip home.  My whole soul feels different.  It’s so ready to experience so much life and love.  

The more I think about my feelings towards London the more I feel like I am truly special to have felt such a thing in my life.  A lot of people go their whole entire lives never able to know what it feels like to feel the passion for something running through their whole life being.  Today I got my hair cut and I was talking to another patron.  He was mentioning how when he when to Leeds Castle he thought it felt like home.  He said when he got home he did some homework and found out some people in his family had actually lived in Leeds and worked at the castle.  Amazing.  So I wonder myself if I have some deep family connection with London that I don’t even know about.   I wish I knew and could connect with that.  I guess I’m already trying to connect with it.  

Yeah, so my brain can hardly handle being able to go to London.  It makes me want to shed a tear.  Alright, well I need to push off to bed.  The alarm comes so fast.  I’m alright with it though.  It means I’m that many hours closer to Londontown.

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