I just returned from a two pint night at Deschutes.  Both the Red Chair and Bachelor are outstanding.  Get on that if you have the means.  I will mention the 1 pint night at Silver in passing.  It was a good night out with Rickey.  Good convo as usual.  Too bad that guy is not smart or funny enough for me or else we could still be together.  Sad for him, because I am a great catch!

Well I’ve got about 15 days until I leave for London.  A mere 15 days which means I am way behind on my planning for the last few days of my trip, which I haven’t procured sleeping or any other social arrangements for.  Great job, me.  I think tomorrow I will definitely get on that crap and procuring a couch to surf.  

Another great day of work today.  It was fun and easy.  I’m sad my partner is leaving me, but I think he will be back with me before I know it.  Both of us want to work with each other, but extenuating circumstances are prohibiting that at the moment.  My buddy Scottie will be with me in the end I do believe.  Or else I’m punching Team in the face and letting them know I mean business.  🙂

Ok, well I need sleep.  It’s already passed my bedtime.  Goodnight my friend.

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