A long 30 hours

Just got in from the valley a few minutes ago and I am soooo wiped!  Rickey and I had a great time.  We were able to play at 3 different disc golf courses over the weekend.  It’s way different in the valley as you have to contend with thick brush, namely very pokey blackberry bushes everywhere.  My disc had a magnet in it to find the nearest blackberry plant and lodge itself deeply in its thorny bowels.  Great fun.  

The baseball game was cool.  ASU got BLOWN OUT in the 6th inning.  It was one of the slowest games ever as it seemed they had to have a conference or switch pitchers after every pitch.  We had fun though.  I even got a picture with Benny the Beaver.  
Ok, I am totally exhausted for realsies.  Not much sleep + 2394872 activities = Colleen le tired.  Night friends.

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