May is here

If you haven’t looked at a calendar in the last couple days, I’m here to inform you May has arrived.  Today, it’s been a mix of blue skies, plenty of sun and ominous clouds rolling through here in Central Oregon.  Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense to me either.  I wish it would be nice already, but the extended forecast does not look promising.  

This morning I got up early and successfully researched techniques on throwing and gripping folf discs.  I’ve been practicing indoors all morning and can not wait till tomorrow afternoon to try out my throw in Corvallis.  Also, given my shoulder instability, I have decided to take up some daily exercise in order to increase my muscle strength around the shoulder.  This girl is not interested in pulling her shoulder out anymore and being in prolonged pain.  So to say the least, I’m stoked to delve into the world of folf (if you haven’t yet noticed).  

Rickey and I should be pushing off to Salem here in a few hours.  The weather is supposed to be shit all weekend, but I hope it will hold for the baseball game (Go ASU!) and for the ensuing disc golf game as well.  We’ll be back here Sunday night.  It’s going to be a busy month!

Tata everyone.

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