Quick work

Got an easy day of work today as I just had the CPR/First Aid training to get done.  It was informative and brief.  I was even able to fit in 18 holes of folf with the boys tonight.  That was good.  Quickly folf is becoming my most favorite sport.   It’s environmentally friendly (take that golf), easy for anyone to play and involves walking around in trees with a beer in your hand.  So yeah, so far a good day.  And there was that part to the day where I watched about 5 episodes of UK The Office, which I haven’t watched in a while.  So all in all, a cake day.  May end up being a fine evening as well . 

Getting really pumped for this trip to London.   My schedule is awesome and I can not wait to step off the plane and be in my heart’s home city once again, loving life. 23 days left and they can’t come soon enough.  

This weekend Rickey and I are headed over to the Valley to see the Sun Devils take on the Beavers in some PAC-10 baseball action.  My brain has been itching to get out of Bend for a while and it’s finally going on this weekend.  It should be a nice little trip.  I hope we can squeeze in some valley folf (Please Rickey?).  Then next weekend we’ll be up in Seattle.  Looks like May is going to fly by as usual with all of my planned trips.  I’m not complaining!  So yup.  

Well, I’ve got to run and get some dinner in me.  My metabolism has finally caught up to my work schedule.  Seems like I can never eat enough!  Peace out my friends.

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