Poker? I barely know her!

I’ve decided poker makes me really uncomfortable.  I don’t like the unknown.  I don’t like trying to figure out if people are lying.  I like assuming people are being straightforward.  There’s too much deception.  And sometimes I can let the game go on for a while, unnoticed building up capital.  But for the most part I just blow it on silly hands.  Honestly I don’t really know why I want to play.  There’s just too much nervousness on my part.  The social anxiety sneaks in.   Yeah.

Well, another week of work is over.  It’s good to have the weekend here for a while.  But soon enough it’ll be Monday and I’ll be back to the grind.  The work week has been interesting.  Today was good.  BT is always good.  Certain customers make me happy.  That’s why I save them for Friday.  Then I’ll go into the weekend with a happy attitude.  

I got my membership stuff for the Royal Hort Society today.  I quickly ordered my ticket to the Flower Show which Team will be sponsoring (thanks Bill!).  It’s going to be a super day for sure.  I’ll be completely exhausted coming in that morning and heading straight for the show, but it’ll be so memorable.  Everyday I seem to think of something else fun I can do while I’m back in London town.  Today I heard a great piece about some pub in London where you can barter for beer.  I’m definitely going there.  There’s also been the smells washing over me.  Smells of being in the shops.  Smells of the tube.  Smells of Springtime in London.  Any city smell takes me immediately back.  I can’t believe the only real love I’ve felt in my life is what a city has given me.  Really I never thought it would be like this, but I’ll take it.  It’s way easier to neglect a city for a while than a real person.  Then go back to the city and spend some memorable days…….

Ok, even though this poker shit is hard on my body I’m going back to poker……

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One thought on “Poker? I barely know her!

  1. Eric Arndt

    (Fourth Grade Comment Coming): If you love it to so much why don’t you marry it???

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