I need to book a hostel tonight.  How do I call a Irish guy in the middle of the night?  I guess I don’t. There’s adsc00328_11 poker game going on right now, but I decided to get myself out early in the race.  I like to go big on a bluff and lose it all.  It’s fun like that.  Sometimes I feel like that’s how life it is and it’s awesome.  But usually people believe my bluff.  Not so much is that the case in poker (complete rubbish).

Oh boy.  One day until the weekend.  I’m happy to report to my bank account (not sure if it reads my blog) that I will be working almost a full 40 hours this week.  We are in the process of figuring out how I’m going to blow the little money I have right now this weekend.  There could be a camping trip to Hood River.  There could be some staying in Bend or there could be a trip over the mountains.  It’s Thursday night and we still haven’t decided.  That’s not a real good sign for plans to happen.  

Also, I’m blogging about complete nonsense tonight and am halfway still listening to what is happening in the poker game.  I’ve got to go see what’s shaking on the table…….night y’all!

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