new telly time

Yey, we got a new television!telly  And it’s pretty big and AWESOME.  It was given to me by one of my clients and I think it’s going to work out quite nicely for us.  We had to do a total new set up to make it work in our living room, but I’m liking it.  Currently we’re testing out the playability of High School Musical 3 on the big screen.  Bella says she doesn’t like it.  She was holding out for HD and is disappointed she can’t watch Puppy Bowl in its true glory.  

Weather here was still nice today, a bit windy though.  The rest of the week is supposed to be much chillier.  

Oh! I almost forgot the big news of the day.  K Webb popped out a baby today after a long labor.  Well really any labor is long to me.  I haven’t yet spoken to her on the phone but I will give her a ring in the next day.  She was probably pretty tired.  This morning I woke up at 4:36 AM like straight out of the blue and got the text about a half hour that Kel had a baby girl.  I’m wondering if 4:36 (PST) was when she had the baby cause that would be weird.  

Yeah, well I’ve got to keep watching this sweet movie.  Wouldn’t want to miss a second of Troy and Gabriella singing.  Way too good.

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One thought on “new telly time

  1. sIRK

    Congratulations, Wildcat on the new TV.

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