Dusty Day

Spent a good portion of my day with a blower on my back.  It left me completely covered head to toe in dirt.  I’m glad to have it off and glad the day is done.  It was a bit tedious as I was working by myself all day.  Working alone was nice (I know everything will be done right) but wears me down pretty fast.  I survived the full 8 hours though.  This was one of the few times this year where I have worked a full 8 hours.  I almost cut my day short, but then I thought of all the extra pints I could have in London if I pushed through till 4:30.  Good choice by me.  

Any ways, not much else happening.  Just working and enjoying the nice 80 degree weather here.  It’s crazy to lay in bed and not get cold trying to read a book.  I think I could get used to this.  Bring on Summer!  Woot.  
Yeah.  So it’s 10:20 here and I promised myself I was going to bed early.  So much for that.  I guess I’ll attempt to halfway salvage it.  Peace, friends!

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