Lookin good.After 4 or 5 pints of water, I’m still thirsty from our 18 hole folf adventure in Sisters.  It was a way cool course and I will for sure be going back this summer.  Oh and now I can folf in confidence as I bought my own discs today.  Finally!  Tera’s disc tyranny is over.  So the folfing was great.  It was me, Tera, Ben and Rickey.  The weather was fantastic and I manage to offset everyone’s game by showing off my hot white thighs by jacking my shorts up as far as possible.  I think I ended up looking like a roller derby girl sans skates.  I was comfortable with it.  

I ended at +28, which is horrible.  Half way thru I realized I was going to seriously injure my left shoulder (it kept hurting more and more after each throw) if I kept side arm throwing the disc so I was forced to start throwing it right handed.  I totally lost it at that point, not that I really had it going on, but it was something.  After the folf we went to Three Creeks for  some lunch/dinner and some pool.  It was a super nice day all in all.  

Now were watching some Star Wars A New Hope:  the new version.  So best pay attention.  I don’t think these copies are going to skip and I’m very happy about it.  Night children.

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