Friday rash

Epic.  If there is anything I could ask for going into the weekend, it’s a sweet rash on my body from touching plants.  Note to self:  don’t mess around in the juices of lydia broom.  rash tastic.Yeah, that picture is sideways.  Sorry I forgot to rotate and I’m on a time crunch right now.  So anyways, Bam hooked me up with some Aussie wonder ointment and it seems to be dulling my skin from burning.  My question is how did it take 5 hours for this to flair up?  Weird.  
So yeah, I’m on my way downtown.  I guess we’re going to see Gran Turino. Should be good.  There could be some ladderball and hookah as well if I get my butt in gear to Rickey’s.  
Ok, well I hope you all enjoy my rash picture.  It’s cool I know.  Have a good night!

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One thought on “Friday rash

  1. sIRK

    What is that, your arm or leg? Did you get over your red-face problem??

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