Work day

Tera claims that she was too exhausted to help Ben and I out with cleaning up the kitchen.  She was out skiing today.  Sounds mega rough.  Apparently Ben and I were sitting around eating bon bons the whole time at work.  Actually I had a pretty hard day of work.  Spent quite a few minutes yanking on mechanical equipment which is a really good work out I must say.  Almost chucked the hedgers into the native area at one account,Hill of death but held my cool long enough to prevail with a purring engine.  We did a clean up at one house where pretty much no one lives all year.  We do their maintenance every third week and by far spring clean up is the most painful time there.  They’ve got this bit of turf in the back which enevitably requires some sort of special service every year like de-thatching or aeration.   Well this year it was de-thatching, which I consider the worst of the worst.  Not because the turf is large.  But to do the job and then get the piece of equipment back up the hill is a big ordeal (see picture to the right).   The hill looks tame, but is actually steep, all sand with no footing, so I have to get myself to positions where there are rocks along the way so I can get some footing to be able to pull the equipment up.  It’s neat.  Especially with the equipment which we haul around, all of it built 25 years ago and weighing way too much.  

Over to the left here you will see the de-thatcher.  It’s a pretty little piece.  So needless to say, with the spring/summer starting to finally roll in today, I was sweating for the first time this year.  It felt good, but I had forgotten my sun screen so I kept my extra layers on for way too long. I survived though.  The best part was the weather today.  Finally we’re going to get a string of really nice days here.  In the 60s today.  It’s supposed to keep getting nicer over the next 4 or so days.  

My first task at this pain in the butt house was to clean the gutters (not really in my job description, but I do it).  As I cleaned, I got an epic view of the mountains which pretty much made it ok with what I was doing.  Really I was just thankful to not have to be inside wishing I were outside.  

So like Tera, I am tired and I am going to retreat off to bed, but my parting note is the view from the rooftop I had today.  Hope you enjoyed my photographs from today!

Mountains of majesty

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