Happy Easter

Happy Easter, y’all!  We’ve had a good one here . Folfing, tacos and Wii bowling.  Woot.  And now we’re closing down shop for the night, ready for another work week.  I did not make it to church this morning.  I’ve gone to church the last 2 Easters here and it has been completely miserable.  There is not enough room in the church, so people (like myself) have to stand either outside and try to listen or stand somewhere awkwardly inside the church.  It completely takes away from the mass as I am thinking the whole time when the shenanigans will be over.  So I stayed home and thought about Jesus and wore my “I love Jesus but I drink a little” shirt (compliments of Kris). I think it was a fair trade on time.  Also, I had some beers today.  It was weird to drink them as the buzz off them is so different from hard alcohol.   My body is telling me to still be buzzing, but I’m actually not at all.  Very bizarre.  I hope by sleep time I feel totally normal.  

That’s about it from here.  I hope this work week is smooth and easy.  Tomorrow I am banking on another day of work by myself.  It would be nice.  No one to train or drive me nuts.  So yeah, I’m off to read and shower.  How was everyone else’s Easter?  Good?  Cheers kids!

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One thought on “Happy Easter

  1. sIRK

    We go to church every Sunday but Easter and Christmas. I forgot I got you that shirt, I remember now that I was hoping you would get me one back, but I guess not. I wish they made one that said Just enough to thin the blood. Now I think that’s the funniest line.

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