Almost there

Easter Bun bunsI’m fairly certain I’ve posted this picture before, but it’s a good one for my brain.  If you look closely, there are two bunnies in this picture.  They are of the Hyde Park variety and were spotted over Easter weekend 5 years ago.  No other bunnies were spotted the whole time I was in London except for this one time.  Kind of strange and perfect.  So I like looking at those two bunnies, thinking back to that really nice day in Hyde Park that I spent with my friends.  

Any ways, Jesus has almost risen!  Horray!  I love Easter.  Filled with candy, eggs, pastel colors and resurrection.  Who could ask for anything more?  And Easter Sunday  means whatever silliness I gave up for Lent can be had yet again.  And for me, that means it’s Beer Thirty once again.  That first beer will be quite delicious (I’m thinking it’ll be a Black Butte since that’s what I have cold in my refrigerator.  Cheers Rickey) but I will be taking it easy on the consumption.  At least that’s what I’ll be aiming for. 

My Easter plans are lacking in anything too crazy.  There is a folfing game scheduled for the afternoon.  That will be nice.  Besides that I believe we will stay low key for the day.

Plans for the London trip keep expanding.  I put in a request for a brewery tour at Fuller’s.  They should get back to me this week regarding my date and time of tour.  A bit of research on the internets has left me with 7 new pubs to check out while in town as well.  The list will be expanding as I get closer to the date and I figure out where I will be staying.  Crazy.  It’s going to be a wonderful 10 days.  

Alright, we’re watching The Holiday which I very much enjoy, so I’m going to watch.  Have a good Easter everyone.  God bless.

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