Paris or not to Paris

Well, seeing as this is a London blog, the answer should be a straight forward.  I’m thinking about not going to Paris during my trip in May.  Should I go?  I want to go to the French Open, Versailles and Musee d’Orsay.  But luckily those things will still be there come this winter if I still want to go there.   I’m packing so much into this trip, I may need to devote the whole time to London.  (Really I want to just devote my whole life to London, ugh).  So yeah I think I may just stay there.  Is that lame?  Should I get up the nerve to go elsewhere?  Or perhaps some of you out there have some nice side trips for me to go to while in London.   One of the things I am interested in going to is York Cathedral.  I totally dropped the ball on that place the last time I was in the UK.  Seriously, I passed it 3 times on a train and didn’t get off and check that place off.  

So let’s review my tenative itinerary, because I know you’re all dying to hear it.

chelsea flower show
neal visiting
football match
cricket match
more parks and museums

Yeah, that’s all I’ve got right now.   seems pretty busy.  I’m going to pee myself with excitement for this adventure.  Really, I’m overwhelmed.  Life is easier knowing I’ve got this trip coming up.  Work is definitely a breeze knowing I’m working hard everyday trying to build up some capital for the trip.   I feel great.  It’s fricking just over the top to want to live in London, but that’s what I want.  And if I can just go there for a few days and feel that vibe, come back and get through another 6 months than that’s what I have to do.  I’ll get there.  This is my life.  It’s not a joke.  It’s not just a mirage.  I want it and I will end up going there.   Wish me the best of luck my friends.  I need it even though it is destiny.

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One thought on “Paris or not to Paris

  1. I think you should devote your time to london and ireland. Including paris in your 12 day holiday seems a bit much for you to really be able to enjoy everything to the fullest.

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