Could it be?

Is it possible that the forces that be have graced me with the opportunity to come home to my city of London?  Indeed it is.  

I received some positive news today on the work front.  Business is bad enough to the point that they would be more than happy to cut me loose for a week and a half to play across the pond.  Ireland, London and possibly Paris.  It depends on if I really can make it work.  It’s only 12 days of vacation, 2 of them being travel days.  But just a couple days in London.  A couple days to breathe the warm air of a London spring.  To be rained on with rain I would never mind.  To ride on a bumpy noisy tube train.  Walk through a park or two.  Feel the grass.  Feel the dirt.  It’s tempting.  Knowing I’ll have to come back here will be the hardest part.  Like walking into the Garden of Eden, seeing the fruits on the trees but suddenly realizing you’ve got to go, there’s no time to pick that fruit.  

I know this all sounds crazy, but I am in love with LDN.  Because life would be much easier to not have it this way.  It would be easy to stay here and just travel around the world without a care in the world.  But it’s not that way.  I have to always base my life around plans to get to London.  That’s the way it is and I have a feeling it will always be that way until I end up there.  There’s got to be an epic reason to be there.  Really I haven’t a clue what it could be, but it’s got to be important for my life.  I’ve got to get there.

So any ways, there’s a possibility of a few days there to see my home of homes.  It’ll be great if I can make it happen.  I haven’t been there in late May before.   I bet it’s beautiful.

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