Another day off

Well, today I went to work and then promptly decided how much I didn’t want to work in the rain/snow/wind so I went back home.  It was a good decision.  I was able to finish Blink (I’d recommend reading it) and start Second Nature.  So far so good.  Yesterday, the April blues kicked in right on time.  This seems to happen every year around now.  My mood gets crummy.  I go into escapist mode.  My motives are strictly selfish and  irrational.  I hate it.  Sometime after my birthday I get over it and get one with enjoying life.  Last year was particularly difficult but I came out of it so happily.  I hope this bout does not last into May.  Is it possible to have SAD going from Spring to Summer?  I thought it was only a Winter thing.  Apparently not for me. 

This weekend includes plans for nothing.  I’d really like to be able to afford a trip to Portland to relax on my own, explore and do some heavy reading and writing.  But apparently Oregon wants me to pay taxes on the money they gave me for unemployment, so I’ll be broke for another two weeks, resisting any purchases outside of food.  It’s great fun.  Suze Orman on Oprah today said everyone needs to half their spending and start saving for the future.  Well, I don’t know about HALF, but it would be neat to save some money (probably would require me to work 5 days a week) and to put it away for the future (ie travels to far off lands in my case).  We all need to save and be a little more careful in this crappy economic situation.  Hopefully we can turn a corner soon (it may have happened today at the G20 summit) and people can go back to working and making money.

And on a completely different note, I’m thinking about getting a hookah (obviously only for tobacco).  Thoughts?  And another question….I want to go to one of the Major tennis slams this year.  1. Should I?  2.  Which one should I go to?  (FYI:  Wimbledon will be tough because I’ll probably be moving then)

Thanks kids.  I’m off to bed for a reading fest.  Cheers.

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