I blame Bella.

It would be foolish not to blame her.  She’s the one who caused it all.  If she didn’t act like a butthead, I wouldn’t have had to throw the pillow at her.  I wouldn’t have effed up my shoulder.  AGAIN.  Yeah, I’m super stoked.  I think my shoulder injury is pretty bad.  Luckily, I had plenty of vodka last night so I didn’t have to feel anythingThere should have been a trip to the doctor today, but I just couldn’t deal with them not telling me anything worthwhile and giving me a prescription for advil.  Tomorrow should be interesting for work.  I’m not sure of my ability to work and that’s not going to go over well.  A trip to the doctor might be imperative.  

Any who, it was a crazy weekend.  I stayed here in an attempt to get better from my sickness.  I was still a wreck as of Friday night, but by Saturday I was feeling much better.  My nose is a little stuffed, but not bad.  We had a raucous night last night.  Crazy.  Today was very quiet.  Tera ordered Papa John’s.  We watched the ASU women’s bball team beat Texas A & M.  They are in the Elite 8 baby!  Go Sun Devils.   

So I will keep you updated on the state of my future and my shoulder.  We’re watching a documentary on Darfur right now.  I’d like to learn something more about the sitch there, so I will pay attention now.  TTYL!

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