something in the way she knows.   she moves.  the way she what ever.  didn’t understand.  that anything can happen.  i never believe in that i couldn’t see.  

haha.  That’s fun to mix the verses of both George Harrison and Troy and Gabriella.  Really.

It’s Saturday night and I’ve had a c0uple of vodka drinks.  The local vodka, Crater Lake vodka, is fricking amazing.  Really, if you get a chance, I’d try out Crater Lake.  It’s the best vodka I’ve ever had.  You should try it. 

Now I’m listening to this amazing song between Common and Lily Allen.  Drivin Me Wild.

This morning I tried to write with my right hand.  And it was so hard.  It almost feels like trying to live life without London there is like writing with my right hand.  I’m like forcing it like I’ve never forced my life before.  Yeah, I can deal with not being in London.  Yeah I can deal with living in Oz.  But it hurts.  It’s f0rced.  I feel  it in my bones.  I hate it.  I wish it were easier.  So so much.  I can’t help it.  It’s my life’s destiny and I keep putting it off regarding my unconscious.  Nothing feels more right than living in the beautiful city of London.  London.  London.   There it is.  Over and over and over in my life.  What do I do to get there?  What the fuck do I do to get there?  5 years on.  5 years on………………………………………………………………..

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