Another sick day

Yeah, I’m still sick.  My day of work consisted of a half hour meeting and then being sent home by people at work.  Tomorrow may finally be the glorious day where I get to work again.  Won’t that be neat?  Yeah, I worked hard today to get some rest.  My eyes didn’t ever close long enough for me to get sleep, but it was a lazy day again.  I watched “Enron:  The Smartest Guys in the Room” and it was quite good.  It really pissed me off how the execs were able to make off with all of their employee’s pensions.  They had nothing.  So that’s neat.  

Oh and then I attempted to watch Empire Strike back, but that lasted until the movie started skipping and I was missing half the movie.  Thanks for giving me busted DVDs Buddha.  

Yeah, so I’m getting back on the reading train now.  TTYL.

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