sick day

I did attempt to work today.  I got up, made my lunch, ate breakfast.  Even went as far to put my uniform on and drive to work.  But upon arrival, I realized I would be quite useless today.  So I came home and have been laying on the couch since.  My cold is still only affecting the right side of my head, which is a weird experience. My head is feeling a bit lopsided at the moment.  I can only hope over night the other side gets the memo and I can be fully blown in sickness!  YEY!  Not, really, but that’s what will probably end up happening. 

The movie I watched today (besides finishing The Holiday)was about the TED conference.  If you haven’t yet heard of the TED conference, I recommend clicking the above link to see some video.  It’s an amazing group of thinkers, designers, scientists, entreprenuers who get together every year to discuss Ideas.  Big Ideas that will change people’s lives.  And these are people with the clout and money to make things happen.  Watch a few presenters and I promise you will not be disappointed.  So yeah, the documentary was about the 2006 conference which apparently was a really big year.  I got a lot of new names from the movie on people who are interesting and who also wrote books (which are now on my list of books to read).  Chief among them are Anthony Robbins and Sir Ken Robinson.  They look like they are good thinkers and may help me on my life path.  But those books will be a few weeks out as now I have Audacity of Hope and Blink to read.  So much reading!  So little time!

And speaking of, I’m going to get back to reading here now.  Good night, world.

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One thought on “sick day

  1. Eric Arndt

    I really want to watch this documentary…what is it called and is it on instant Q?

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