Keep it down…

I’m watching There Will Be Blood right now with Tera and Rickey.  Although I am finding the movie amusing I have to get my writing in for the day.   Right now I’m a little lost for words.  That’s been the case for the last few days.  Nothing to report really.  Oh I started that book by Barack Obama, I’m not sure if you all have heard of him.  The book so far is interesting.  I heard he wrote another book before this one.  If I end up enjoying the current selection I imagine I’ll try and pick his other one up.  He seems to have quite a future in writing.

Any who, the break from my semi-obsession with man’s history with agriculture (in so many words) will be nice.  I’ll try it out for a few weeks, but I believe I’ll be back on the obsession.  It’s this whole sustainability thing.  Permaculture.  Love for the Earth.  Love for others.  It feels so good to be a part of the movement.  I’m not saying I’m all the way there yet (I did have a box of Velveeta shells and cheese today) but I’ll get there one day.  As long as I can keep spreading the message and maybe convince a few people to join me, it’ll be worth it on my end.  All of you who are facebookers have probably noticed the excessive amount of articles I have been posting in relation to sustainability.  Well, if you get a chance, read some.  Also read some Michael Pollan.  

I guess right now I feel like there is more to learn in reading right now than there is in my writing ability.  Apologies if these posts are a little lame.  Must get back to the movie…..

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