First day back


Fun for everyone

Fun for everyone

Today was my official real first day of work.  Meaning I left the shop and went out and did something.  Like picked up pine needles for 7 hours.  I didn’t even mind really.  It was good to get out and use the old muscles again.  I’m already noticing some soreness in my right forearm.  Any ways, that was that. 


I can’t really report anything other than the weather has been beautiful here the last few days, St. Patty’s was fun, I’m back at work and I got my hair cut (just a little clean up).  That’s it.  I am trying to finish up this book (Botany of Desire) which I’m not really enjoying that much.  I want to move on to something better.  My reading as of late has been almost completely non-fiction and I feel as though I am ready to read some fiction next (possibly).  Does anyone have a book suggestion? Oh……..wait……I just remembered I have a book on hold at the library.  I think it’s Blink.  Has anyone (besides Chris) read it?  Ok, I’m out kids.  My body is quite tired from actually having to work today.  Weird. Have a good night.

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