I missed a day of writing yesterday.  Isn’t that horrific?  My first day of missed writing in ages.  I guess when you spend the day drinking ICBs you don’t have much time for writing.  Ugh!  It was very fun though.  I had a blast hanging out with everyone.  We were dressing up, jumping, soaking pooling.  Yeah, it was a full day.  Work was supposed to start today but it snowed 3 inches this morning.  It’s hard to rake and take care of piles of pine needles when there’s so much snow on the ground.  It all melted off by the afternoon.  Tomorrow I may or may not be working.  The weather is iffy for tomorrow.  

Nikki and I are having a really super time.  I’m glad she came out here and had some good bonding time.  
Ok, well we’re watching Superbad.  G2G.  TTYL

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