we’ve just all gotten home from a long night out on the town.  i’m going to say i’m about the most sober one in the bunch.  mostly because i stopped the bum rush quite early.  any ways, it was fun.  the best part about today though was bella the dog becoming BFFs with hoku the dog.  they are both black labs and i am so happy about it.  there was some apprehension because bella is sometimes known to be a psycho dog.  it is really an awful shame because bella could have so many friends.  but over the last week and a half, bella has made 3 friends.  that’s an improvement on the 0 friends she made in 2008.  and that means that bella may not want to eat any dogs anymore.  that’s good for everyone.  

i don’t know.  i’m sure you guys don’t really care about bella and her trials and tribulations.  everyone in the house though is happy that bella is being a good, friendly dog.  and honestly i couldn’t think of anything better to blog about tonight.  ok, well i’m off to drink some watta and go to sleep!  cheers kids.

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