Scratch that

Well, I know I said I had a new plan for being in London town this winter.  But as of right now,australia that is totally cancelled.  A week ortwo ago I stumbled upon an article regarding the need for landscape gardeners down under.  That they’ll actually fast track your visa for you to get your bum down there.  And frankly that sounded like an unbelievable opportunity.  It’s an opportunity not to be passed up.  I’m thinking Melbourne seems like a really nice place to live and I’m actively searching for work there.  So now, I have switched gears and will be doing anything to get myself down to Australia by this coming Fall.  Yeah, I know it’s a bit of a shock.  But if I’m not doing/planning something crazy, I would rather not be living.  The pure essence of my love of life would be gone.  So I will do this now.  But do not fret.  All roads lead to Rome….errr…..London for me.  This is a mere stepping block to get me to my ultimate goal of London.  I think this is a really positive stepping stone.  And who knows?  Maybe by next week I’ll be back on schedule with going to London this winter instead.  That’s how my life goes.  I’ll just keep planning for Australia right now.  Also, my updating of this blog will continue as well.  Anything interesting I find on London I will definitely be posting up here.  Cheers friends.

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