It’s almost time for shenanigans as such


Yes, I am a certified leaf blower.  And proud of it.

Yes, I am a certified leaf blower. And proud of it.

I love this cartoon.  At the finish of an account, we go through and blow off all the sidewalks, driveways etc.  More than once my partner has gotten done and I have said, “Nice blow job” with a serious look on my face.  How else does one say that without it sounding dirty?  There are sexual innuendos everywhere in life and I am happy to partake in as many as possible.  There has been a certain uptick in “That’s what he/she said jokes” in our group of friends as of late.  Why?  I swear we can’t go 10 minutes without someone mentioning those words.  

Any who, the old leaf blowin’ and rakin’ tasks are scheduled to kick off next Monday barring any major snow storms or other natural catastrophes.  Yesterday I got a list of people who have signed on for the year so far and it’s looking pretty good.  Most of the usual suspects are back in my possession.  This makes me happy and proud that I am making their place look great and they would be willing to have me back to do it all over again.  Good job performance = job security in my field.  

My niece Nini is going to be here on Friday.  I think we’ll have a really great time hanging out.  It’s been years, really years (except for the afternoon on the island in Lake Dugdale last summer) that Nini and I have had time to hang out and chat.  We’re going to show her a good time here.  Who can not have a great time in Central Oregon.  Perhaps this afternoon I will look into some good hikes and adventures for us. 

Alrighty kids, have a great day.  Keep in touch.  I like getting comments on my blog.  Cheers.

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2 thoughts on “It’s almost time for shenanigans as such

  1. Eric Arndt

    I love that cartoon! I hope you have that hanging in your trailer right next to your degree.

  2. sIRK

    We also say, That’s what he/she said, at work alot. It’s funny.

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