It’s 11:39 PM.  Of course.  Yes, if you’ve maybe paid attention in past post I’ve had a certain affection for 11:39.  It seems to follow me more than any time than any other in my life.  So that’s neat.  I’m kind of pruned up at the bit as I have spent a considerable amount of time in our neighbor’s hot tub over the last couple hours.  Actually, my hands are very pruney.  I hope I’m able to type and make sense.  We’ve got the BBC Radio 1 streaming in our house.  While I would give anything to get a work visa to get to London town right now, I will gladly take a work visa to Australia.  If it grants me the right to do what I want to do in the long run, so be it.  Yeah, so I’ll head to Oz and do that mess. It’ll be fun for sure.  And then in a year or two I’ll go to Londontown.  That great promise land in my head…….life would be easier if it weren’t so, but it isn’t.  So it will be.

Today would be my Grandmother’s 96th birthday.  I finished my bottle of Wild Turkey rye whiskey tonight.  That’s a good time.  I imagine Nana and Papa having quite a drink today up in heaven.  Like in old times.  Something to toast to life.  To love.  To happiness.  So I toast to all those things.  

Ok, well I’m smashed.  I must be on my way to something bigger and better.  It’s been fun.  To BBC Radio 1.  Woot.  Woot.

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