I try not to involve myself in petty political debates. But as a former Republican party member (I claim no party affiliation now despite what my voter registration card may say), I am embarrassed for any conservative who is taking Limbaugh’s rhetoric to heart. He’s pedaling a bunch of bullshit to any one who will listen and going to war against Obama. He WANTS Obama to fail. Why would you want him to fail? So you can say “nanny nanny boo boo” as America crumbles into a depression and millions lose their livelihood?  I surely don’t want him to fail just as I did not wish Bush to fail, no matter what I thought of his (read: Cheney) policies.  It’s abominable to make such statements.  If I were in the GOP still, I’d be looking for better leadership than a man who is paid for purely entertainment purposes.  

I just can’t stand it.  Read this article on the NY Times and check out the clips.

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