OzWhen Tera got back from Australia last summer, I drove to Redmond to pick her up from the airport. On the way back home she stuck this little Australian flag sticker on the dashboard of my car. I left it there and if you get in my car today, you’ll be sure to notice it and point it out to me.  Yes, I know it doesn’t really make any sense.  At least that’s what I would have said up until yesterday.  That is when I finally got around to reading my hortweek weekly e-magazine deal in my inbox.  In it was a link to an article regarding the urgent need for landscapers in Oz.  I instantly became intrigued and began to make plans for a move to Australia this year.  It’s not what I planned, but if the great people of Australia need me, I’m willing to help them out with my outstanding landscaping skills.  And Piccadilly is willing to make a transition down under as well.  This week, I will be delving in deep to the possibilities of a life in the southern hemisphere.  Honestly it sounds like an excellent opportunity and one I should really go for.  What is there holding me back here?  A couple years in Oz….who knows where that will lead.  I’m excited.  Really excited.  I think this is a real possibility as long as I can get the visa stuff sorted.  Anyone have suggestions on where to go?  I’m kind of thinking Melbourne for some reason.  Not really sure, but I know the Australian Open is there and I would like to go see that.  

Oh and all of you who are interested in moving to Oz as well, here’s a list of skill sets they need down there right now.  I’ve had a good long day of fun and I’m tired.  I’ve got some reading and studying to do in my bed now.  Catch you fools on the flip side.  Cheers.

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