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So I have $500.  That’s if I don’t need it before work starts.  That $500 is my nest egg for my journey to London.  I’ve got $4500 to go before November 15th.  I know I have been absent on this blog recently.  It was a hard decision I made towards the middle of January that I would be forgoing grad school this year or next year.  It was too much of a financial burden for me to take on right now.  And going to grad school feels like it would be locking me into London for like 15 years.  That would be awesome, but (BUT) I want to travel and leave some possibilities open in my life.  In lieu of grad school, I am planning on going to London for the winter and live, volunteer and enjoy 4 months in my favorite place in the world.  From there, I will be planning on coming back to Bend for the start of the next season, but I would not be opposed to getting a job offer while I was there.  We’ll see.  I’m not fussed either way.  

So any ways, I have the $500.  I figure I’ll need $5000 for 4 months of hanging out and seeing London and maybe getting out and exploring some other spots in Europe.  It is a real commitment as I will be giving up other travel opportunities this year to make this one really possible.   And I hope it really works out.  It doesn’t seem like much money, but I hope to work in a hostel and earn my keep.  That should keep costs to a minimum.  If I can get more than 5K, great.  Even better.  If anyone wants to donate, I’ll take it!  I’m thinking about setting up a pay pal account, but we’ll see if anyone is really willing to give.  I am not expecting anything.  

So that’s that.  Let’s see if I can make this happen.  Any encouragement would be helpful.  Oh, also I will be paying off my car loan first and then saving cash up, so if I am not able to put anything in the kitty for a bit, that is why.  Don’t get anxious.  Ok kids, cheers.  Much love.

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