Workout machine

I am sore!  This is a continual thing for me in the last 5 days.  I have managed to keep working out and am even enjoying it a bit.  You can watch these workout videos on Netflix Instant Queue and I have been putting them to work.  I’ve been doing the ones with Jillian from Biggest Loser.  They are only 30 minutes, but they kick my butt.  My strength is not very good, nor is my flexibility anything to brag about, but I’m keeping up as best as I can.  My flexibility should start improving the more I work out.  I feel like a lot of the muscles I’m using haven’t been worked in years and I’m loving it.  The hard part is keeping up with the workouts.  It’s easy now while I’m not working, but not as easy when I put in a 8 hour day plus 50 minutes of biking to and from work.  Right now, I just want to keep up with the work outs so I will be conditioned and a little bit toned for work to begin.  Yeah, that’s boring info.

Any who, I may be vacating my computer for a couple days here.  I need to confirm it tomorrow, but it does appear to be happening.  I’ll try and get an update in tomorrow so you will know what the secret plans are!  Good night everyone.  Cheers.

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