Hot Spring Fun

Oh boy.  I can’t believe I’m still up given the last couple days we’ve had here in Central Oregon.  They have been so much fun.  This weekend, Tera and I really motivated nicely and had some fun with new exciting activities.  We checked out the High Desert Museum yesterday morninghomesteaders with Jean.  It was the free day so you know it was packed.  We got in early and got out of there after checking out all the animals (otter, bobcat, lynx, northern spotted owl, desert tortoise etc…) and all the sweet exhibits.  Jean and Tera made themselves comfortable in the homestead cabin.  

The rest of the day we hung out at home, but managed to make it over to the boy’s house and play some Balderdash.  It was my first time playing and I had a blast even though I was positively awful at it.  My green pawn was in last place for most of the game.  Sad story.  

Today we got up early to head down to the Umpqua hot springs.  Tera, Burl, Jean and I headed down south west and had ourselves a splendid time.  We got nervous about the snow pack on the way there because it was at about 8 feet in the pass, but luckily we dropped enough in elevation where it wasn’t an issue any more.  We experienced some rain, but mostly when we were actually at the hot springs, not hiking in or out.  We had to hike 2 miles to the trail head and then another .3 miles to the hot springs.  Luckily when you’re in good company the distance never seems to be as long as it would be otherwise.  

When we got to the hot springs we were not disappointed.  Tera and I had been discussing a visit to some hot springs this weekend since Friday and we were not sure which ones to hit up.  These were absolutely perfect.  I had never been hot springing before and would definitely go again after going to these.  The girls said though that they were some of the best they had visited.  I thought for sure there would be some people at the hot springs, but we were lucky enough to have them all to ourselves for a couple hours.   The main one was a really nicely covered pool fed right from the main outlet pool which was about 10 feet above it.  This place was so amazing.  The pools sat up on about a 150 foot cliff above the Umpqua River.  They cascaded down the cliff by forming about 5 or so different pools, each one obviously a little cooler than the one above.  

Yeah.  I had  a great time with the hot springs and hanging out with the ladies.  Sometimes it is hard to rally early on a Sunday morning, but we all did it and I don’t believe any of us were sorry that we did so.  It seems like us girls here (besides just Tera and I) don’t get to do many activities together, so I enjoyed reconnecting with them even if just for a day.  We’ve all got such diverse schedules it is hard to get some time when all of us our free.  Plus those boys always want to tag along.  Luckily they were all busy today!  Woot.  

Alright, I was going to write about the Oscars tonight, but I am ready to crawl into bed.  I’ve been working out the last few days (actually quite a bit) and my body needs some time to patch all those torn muscle fibers and bulk me up for the season!  

I will say about the Oscars that I was thrilled to see Slumdog go home with so many awards and so happy for Kate Winslet to pick up her first (I doubt her last) little gold statue.  The ceremony this year was really cool and a welcome departure from the regular set up.  There were a few kinks, but not many.  Well done Oscars!  

Alright I am off to bed. Cheers!

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