I like learning.

As most of you know, my plans for the future swing like a wonderful pendulum.  If you don’t like my plans one week, they’ll probably change by the next week.  It’s fun.  For you and for me.  It’s always a surprise for me on how my tastes will change.  So the plan this week is to move to London in November and volunteer for AT LEAST the winter.  Perhaps work in a hostel keep a roof over my head.  On top of that I want to volunteer at a park, estate, cool place, showing off my wonderful American horticultural skills.  Perhaps someone will be impressed enough to offer me a job and get me a visa.  If not though, I can always come back to the Team and continue working in Bend.  And then do it all over again the next winter.  

So in the mean time I have about 8 months to shine up my landscaping skills to the greatest potential possible.  This means reading A LOT of horticultural books, gardening books, and trying to get a few more certs under my  belt to make me smarter and more qualified to take on more.  I was so excited about these possibilites, I spent most of the night dreaming about them.  I am itching to learn right now and that’s quite refreshing.  I’ve got 3 different books going right now not including my self study materials.  

There was talk about quitting horticulture, but I was thinking that I do love my field (at least I say that right now before the pain of working with idiots brings me down next month) and I really would like to excel and learn as much as I can.  It will make my job easier and make my clients happier with all the money they are forking out to have me take care of their homes.  

So yeah, that’s neat, right?  I must get going.  There’s a stack of books sitting here and I want to read them all right now.  TTYL

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