so so busy

well, me and my house guest have been so busy in the last two days, that i have not had much time to do much else but drink black butte porter and sleep.  oh and eat.  so no blogging for me.  i squeezed a writing in yesterday at my conference, but besides that i’ve been too busy for this writing nonsense.  

today robin and mystery guest “mf” were reliving some london times via my journal from london.  i found out that today is the 5 year anniversary of red wine night.  the infamous red wine night which resulted in both robin and i unable to drink red wine to this very day.  that was good times.   i think that night involved me drinking every available form of alcohol in existance.   yuck.  it was a long night of fun, which i don’t remember everything of.  but it made robin and i friends for life, so i guess in the end it was all worth it . and the bonus part was that i didn’t pay for any of the alcohol that night.  woot.  thank you alexes from romania!  

well, i am off to hang out with mf now.  he’s trying to take down bella and it looks as though bella is winning.  cheers.

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